Welcome to our little kitchen.

Where the recipes are mostly plant-based, that’s how I like to cook (and eat!). No animals are allowed in here. Except for Alfie, our super cute poodle, but he is alive and happy.

I’m Gabby, writer and recipe developer. John takes most of the pictures, designs, and deals with all the technical stuff; sometimes he also cooks, but he is a little lazy in that department. And Alfie… well, sleeps. That is his favorite thing in the world, that and running on the beach, and eating cheese (yep, he is not vegan. Not vegetarian either).

We thought about creating this blog for a while and we are finally making it happen. Monday dreams is about sharing a very important piece of our lives: food. Food that inspires, that gets you cooking and falling in love with the veggie world. Because, despite your likes or beliefs, adding veggies to your diet is always a good (and yummy!) thing.

This is just the beginning of our journey; we are hoping to have fun and make some recipes you really enjoy! Since yes, food can be healthy, simple and totally delicious at the same time.

Want to know a little more? Follow us on…., we will be more than happy to have you cooking with us. Oh, and keep on reading, we are sharing a few other details.


Job: Writing and most of the cooking.

Eating preferences: Plant-based, home-cooked meals (although I love going out for dinner). I’ve been a vegetarian for ten years, a vegan for the last five. I may still eat a vegetarian dish or two a year, mostly when I’m traveling.

Cooking preferences: Whole foods, plant-based recipes. Veggies make me happy and I don’t like to cook any other way.

Favorite veggie: Tough one. Sweet potato. And cherry tomatoes. And Cauliflower (yes, weird choice, I know, but I just love this buttery veg). And Spinach. And potatoes. Oh, yes, and avocados (but that’s an obvious one).

Favorite meal: Gnocchi. No doubt. Favorite food since I can remember. But it’s so hard to find a restaurant with a good vegan version.

Favorite treat: A glass of red wine and a good slice of Neapolitan pizza. Pure bliss! I truly believe eating healthy is a must, but in the end, it’s all about balance, finding out what works best for you.

Can’t live without: Tea and dark chocolate! Both, every single day.

Can´t stand: Celery, tastes like perfume to me. Though I can tolerate it in soups or juices. And raspberries. No, you won’t find raspberries anywhere near this blog. Sorry!

What gets you out of bed in the morning: Breakfast! Rye toast with our simple cashew cheese in the winter and a smoothie bowl with homemade granola in the summer.

Favorite place: Home.


Job: Product designer, photographer, and junior developer.

Eating preferences: A little bit of everything. And cheese on top of that everything!

Cooking preferences: Eh… does take out count? Just kidding, I don’t normally cook, but when I do, I like to cook stews or pasta. Vegan, otherwise, I’ll end up eating alone. But I’ll add cheese to mine afterward, obviously.

Favorite veggie: Lots! I love veggies. Potatoes, arugula, spinach, tomatoes, olives, and I’m probably missing some.

Favorite meal: Italian (I can’t fight heritage. Loving pasta runs in my blood!)

Favorite treat: Junk food! I just really enjoy the consistent flavor of a good burger, a side of fries or a bag of nachos. Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy broccoli as well; but having junk food occasionally makes me so happy!

Can’t live without: Coke. Yes, I know, not good for my health. Don’t care, can’t help it, it is just the best drink out there. Even better than beer.

Can´t stand: When they put sugar on caramelized onions, the overly sweet result ruins the whole dish (usually, my treat night burger).

What gets you out of bed in the morning: A cappuccino and some fresh sourdough with good quality olive oil.

Favorite place: It’s a tie between home and the beach (yes, just like Alfie).


Job: None.

Eating preferences: Gluten-free (I know, I’m so trendy). I don’t like anything made with flour; I always try to eat around the dough.

Cooking preferences: Making others do all the work for me.

Favorite veggie: Tomatoes, sometimes. If tomatoes are the only thing to eat. None of the other veggies work for me.

Favorite meal: Whatever John is having; he usually is the one handling the parmesan!

Favorite treat: Cheese!

Can’t live without: Cheese!

Can´t stand: Anything sweet. Hate chocolate or fruit.

What gets you out of bed in the morning: Wanting to pee.

Favorite place: The beach. Oh, that sweet sandy freedom!

Food that inspires, that gets you cooking and falling in love with the veggie world.


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